technicians-2-min.jpgIn New Zealand Vitlink®, we bring traditional natural healthcare to the everyday. With continuous research and development, we aim to promote and develop natural health with the world’s best deer products to a facilitate natural good health and vitality to people around the world.

All New Zealand Vitlink® products are produced by NZSNF, a well-equipped licensed deer product factory and made with 100% pure New Zealand ingredients.

technicians-3-min.jpgNZSNF is licensed by the New Zealand Food Safety Authority (NZFSA) for the production of fish, meat, game and game meat products. We held high standards and meets the strict government Acts and Regulations to ensure only the highest quality products are produced for local and export markets.

新西兰Vitlink®,将传统的自然保健带到日常生活中。 我们的目标是通过不断的研究和发展,以世界上最好的鹿产品来促进和发展自然健康,让各地人民享受健康和活力。

所有新西兰Vitlink®产品均由紐西蘭至上天然食品公司(NZSNF)加工生产,NZSNF是一家装备齐全的注册鹿产品工厂. 采用100%纯新西兰鹿産品, NZSNF有20多年的歷史, 一值秉持高品質、高標準。新西兰Vitlink® (維灵)鹿産品符合澳大利亚食物藥物檢驗局標準( TGA ),直銷澳大利亚。