Deer VelvetContemporary research shows that Deer Velvet contains more than 20 different amino acids, of great importance in regulating the body’s metabolism. Deer Velvet is also rich in trace elements, IgG and IgF-1, which are not only essential in promoting one’s general well being, but also significant in helping tissue regeneration and anti-ageing.

Deer PlacentaDeer Placenta Capsule is the ultimate supplement to smoother and more beautiful skin. Deer placenta is rich in amino acid, IgG, α β γ Globulins, Growth Factor IGF-1 and other trace elements. Deer Placenta capsules maybe beneficial in helping cell rejuvenation and anti-ageing.

Deer PizzleAccording to Oriental Medical Belief, supplements of Deer Pizzle are sufficiently beneficial in helping stimulate sexual drive in males, strengthen vigor, help impotency and to promote general well being.

Deer TailDeer Tail is used to help stimulate sexual drive in males, kidney deficiency, hormone disorder during menopause and promote general well-being.

Deer SinewContemporary research shows that Deer Sinews are an abundant source of collagen, Glucosamine, Mucopolysaccharides, amino acids and trace elements.

Deer BloodAccording to Oriental Medical Belief, supplements of Deer Blood are sufficiently beneficial in helping control the blood pressure, anemia, menstrual disorder and to promote general well being.

Supreme Deer Oil Skin BalmThe precious Deer Oil has high penetrative action, it can reach deep into the skin to help rehydrate and repair the skin damage caused by exposure and dehydration. The moisturising and nourishing benefits of the Supreme Deer Oil Skin Balm will leave skin soft and smooth, especially good for small severe areas such as cracked hells and rough hands.

Supreme Deer Oil Heat Rub"Supreme Deer Oil Heat Rub" uses a unique oil extracted from the 'Dew Claw' and the 'Tail' of the Deer, it is blended with traditional Maori and early european natural Herbal oils such as peppermint and Ginger. The oil is very scarce and precious and has very good penetrative effect reaching deep into the skin and muscles while moisturising and nourishing the skin.